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Bring Back Reverence in the Church


When you enter your church, picture in your mind a very large throne upon the altar. God is sitting there in all his majestic glory with powerful, glorious angels by his side. He is there waiting just for you. How would you act? What would you do? Would you saunter into church talking and joking? Would you ignore your God sitting their waiting for you? Would you wear shorts and a tank top or would you think he is worthy of more appropriate dress? Would you want to bow down to him because he holds your heart in the palm of his hand?

When Jesus gives you his very body and blood during the Eucharist celebration, He wants you to be truly one with him. Would you walk out the door without loving him and giving him proper thanks? Would you stand around in church after Mass, talking and laughing like you were at a cocktail party? Or would you REVERENCE the awesome presence of your God and say to your friends "Lets talk outside?"


Please bring back Reverence in the Church.

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